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Instagram posts featuring Netflix couples.

A day before the special launched we revised the teaser spot to include a surprise ending. 


To continue the conversation around Tamborine in the days post launch, we hacked Instagram Stories to create a virtual "concert" that allowed users to feel like they're playing the tambourine by tapping their thumbs back and forth on the screen to get new stories and new tambourine sounds.

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Netflix wanted to build buzz for Tamborine, Chris Rock's first standup special in ten years, but they didn't want a traditional campaign. Instead, they wanted a cryptic tease that would keep people guessing until the special dropped on Valentine's day.

We started with a moody black and white teaser film that ran during SNL, cryptic OOH that asked the question, "Will you play?" and a bunch of social posts and videos.

This lead to tons of guesses online as to what Netflix could be up to. My favorite guess was someone who thought Tamborine was a new series about William Booth and the founding of the Salvation Army. Close, but no. 

Also, we're not spelling Tamborine wrong. I mean, we are, but that's the way Chris wanted to spell it. After the Prince song.